“Graham” as in Graham Crackers?

I have a recipe all picked out for my next installation of the Recipe File Project but there’s a bit of a problem: ingredient confusion! This was bound to happen with recipes penciled on scrap paper from at least half a century ago. This one is written on the back of a guarantee for coal from the North Western Fuel Company. Anybody up for Nut Loaf from a coal-fired oven? I know my great-grandmother used to bake pies in the wood stove at the family fishing cabin.


So here’s the question: In a recipe for Nut Loaf, what does “1 cup graham” mean? Is that graham flour or graham cracker crumbs? First I was leaning towards flour but there’s already 3 cups of flour called for. Graham cracker crumbs kind of make sense and would certainly be a novel addition to a quick bread.

I think I’m going to go with graham cracker crumbs (once I remember to buy graham crackers) unless anyone tells me otherwise. But really, I’m looking for your input!


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  1. Are you supposed to sift the graham? I am not sure the crackers will go through the sifter… I am not sure you can fail either way though.

  2. Ellen

    I read 2 cups flour and agree with Sarah that graham cracker crumbs will probably not go through a sifter.

    • Rachel

      Yep, I think you’re both right. Graham cracker crumbs wouldn’t fit through a sifter and I don’t have a sifter anyway! Maybe I’ll try the graham flower version first.

  3. Do it with the graham cracker crumbs. They only seem to make things better. 😛

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  5. Rachel, I love this project – it is a great tribute to your great-grandmother. I also think that you are going to discover some great new recipes of your own by simply experimenting as you are doing because of the slightly ambiguous instructions. I’ll be firing up my wood-stove and making the graham cracker version!

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