Peachy Keen

Do you know anyone who uses that phrase? My dad used to. I haven’t heard him say it for a long time but he use to throw this retro gem out there every once and a while to make my brother and I laugh. What is peachy keen? Playing outside with your friends on a warm summer night, the cool new bike you got for your birthday…


This Peach Vanilla Bean jam is peachy keen. I say jam, but I didn’t quite chop the peaches finely enough so I ended up with more of a compote. Hey, it’s still good and who doesn’t love chunks of sweet, vanilla-y peach on just about anything? Lee tried some jam on pancakes and gave it a good report. I glopped it on bread for lunch yesterday and declared my sandwich a dessert-worthy treat.

I knew I had to make this jam as soon as I saw it on Smells-Like-Home. Peaches are delicious on their own, but add the deep, earthy flavor of vanilla beans and they reach an out-of-this-world level of yum. I could barely keep my fingers out of the pot while the peaches cooked. They smelled so good! When I finally got to taste the product of more than an hour of simmering, I was not disappointed. The chunky jam is perfect with cheese or nut butters on a sandwich, dreamy on toast, pancakes or waffles, and I’m willing to bet it would make a great ice cream topping as well.

You don’t need a ridiculous amount of peaches for this canning project. I bought a flat at COSTCO and only need 5 out of maybe 9 or 10 large peaches. A scale make measuring for this recipe much easier. My 5 peaches weighed 3 pounds but that will vary with the size of your fruit.

One reason I was excited to make this recipe was the package of vanilla beans haunting my pantry. Amazon was a great source for vanilla beans. A huge package came at a great value and now I don’t have to hoard them – I can feel free to experiment with vanilla beans in different recipes.

Head on over to Smells-Like-Home for the recipe! The ingredient list is short and simple so this is a great first-time canning project! I ended up with 5 pint jars that I can’t wait to share!



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9 Responses to Peachy Keen

  1. Oooh! Your jam looks glorious! I love chunky, super fruity preserves like this. You just can’t go wrong simmering ANYTHING with vanilla bean!

  2. Unfortunately, peaches are rubbish by the time they get here so I’ll just have to imagine how this jam turned out. I will be passing this recipe on to a friend who lives in France and has two gorgeous peach trees. Your jam looks like jars of sunshine 🙂

  3. Peachy keen is absolutely what this is! And i like the chunks! Makes it more fun to eat when you have that extra texture!

  4. Chunky is good. I think I prefer compote over jam anyway! Looks delicious.

  5. Sounds delicious! I think I like the extra chunks of peaches as well 🙂 This with pancakes would be amazing!

  6. We should totally do a jam exchange… It might be a little impractical via U.S. mail, but we went a little nuts this year and I think jam (or compotes/preserves) are meant to be traded. Derek and I did our first canning projects this summer and I am hooked.

  7. YUM! I’ve made peach jam before, but I thought it needed a more mild sweetness. The vanilla bean is a great idea!

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