We’ll see


Meet our Christmas tree. This is our first real, live Christmas tree as a married couple with a home. Actually, it’s our first ever. This is probably going to be the most normal, stationary, settled Christms Lee and I have experienced since we met. We always seem to be on our way someplace, in the middle of something, or at least away somewhere. This year, we’re home.


That’s not to say crazy stuff isn’t going on in these pre-Christmas weeks. First, Lee’s parents visited for a long weekend. It was a busy and excited few days as we showed them our new city, visited my parental unit in Napa, and took advantage of the extra hands to work on our house. The old, crummy chimney came out and a new one will replace it soon. Half of a mini-split heat pump is now on our roof, looking like a space ship that landed on an alien planet. We have a new coffee table – that I looooove – thanks to The Parents (yay!).

Meanwhile, I have applied for a job at the museum where I’ve been interning for two eventful months. It goes without saying that I really, really, really want this job. I wish they could hire many more of us interns so we could keep up our great teamwork. The waiting-to-find-out process os so painful.

What else? Food has been important this month. I’ve done a lot of baking, some of which has not made it to the blog. I’m still perfecting the family ginger cookie recipe so those aren’t ready to post yet. The bran muffins I made on Monday, however, were awesome. I deviated from my usual favorite bran muffin recipe and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could sweeten a muffin with only blackstrap molasses and be completely satisfied.

Our meals with Lee’s parents were all delicious but rich. A weekend of eating out is kind of overwhelming for me when I’m so used to cooking at home 99% of the time. We ate at some incredible restaurants, including The Boon Fly Cafe and Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen in Napa and St. Helena.

The plan for this coming weekend is to drive to Oregon to pick up my dog (yay!). Nothing ever goes as planned, though, and everything this week went out the window when a little crisis struck. I’m flying to southern California today for this reason but should be back Friday night so Lee and I can leave for Oregon on Saturday.


I just want the week to be over so I can relax at home with my husband, dog, and Christmas tree and do lots of cooking! We’ll see how that goes.


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