Just your basic egg sandwich

        I’m back from a semi-relaxing week on Block Island. The first thing I did was spend a grotesque amount of time in front of my computer on Monday morning. There wasn’t much in the way of internet access on the island, which was a good thing! Now that I’ve readjusted to mainland society there’s a lot of catching up to do. Fall being back to work/school/reality time, it seems like there are a zillion things that need doing every day. A day full of tasks warrants a good breakfast. For Lee, that means an egg sandwich or two.
        This morning, it was a protein shake and an egg sandwich. There wasn’t anything special about the sandwich, although my standard, stripped-down version does not include bacon. The bread was a bit of a treat: I normally use english muffins but this morning two slices of Borealis Breads Roasted Pepper loaf sent out an amazing aroma from the toaster. Borealis is a Maine bread company that uses Maine-grown grains in their hand shaped loaves baked on a stone hearth. The Roasted Pepper bread is perfectly spicy and smells so good!


Basic Egg Sandwich

1 or 2 eggs (cage free/organic/fresh from the hen down the road if you can get it!)
2 slices canadian bacon
2 slices hearty bread

When I’m adding bacon to a sandwich I cook the bacon first so the pan has some good flavor going.
When the bacon is browned on both sides, move it off to the side of the skillet and add the egg in the center of the skillet.
Cook the egg briefly on both sides.
Meanwhile, pop the bread in a toaster and toast to your desired amount of toastiness (my dad likes his toast burnt).
When the egg is done, assemble your sandwich! My mom used to cut a slit in the egg and spread the yolk out over it so the whole thing would be gooey and good.

        I love getting creative with what I put on egg sandwiches. There are a few obvious additions like salt and pepper, cheese, salsa, ketchup etc. but I have some ideas for tasty additions that I’ll be trying out very soon. Until then, I’m going to drool over this sandwich, which Lee heartily approved of but I didn’t get to taste (due to the bacon).

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